Sunday, January 28, 2018

All you can eat hotpot

We were starving and needed to eat RIGHT AWAY so we decided to stop by Seapot.

What a fun place to eat!! This all-you-can-eat hot pot is a foodie's heaven. When you first entered this place, you are greeted with large multiple TV screens on the wall and you feel like you are at a disco club. The next thing you see are these conveyor belts with all kinds of dishes you can put in the hotpot or enjoy. There were so many choices from squid to blood oranges! Having your own pot instead of the more traditional one big pot for the entire party allows you to have the freedom to cook whatever you want without worries of disagreeing in taste with your fellow foodies. 

The price is great, the decor is clean and chic, would definitely be back over and over!

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Grilled Oysters

Rustic House Oyster Bar & Grill is one of your friendly neighborhood restaurants. They offer the best and freshest quality seafood in a comfortable, casual and rustic environment.

We stopped by this cool place one early afternoon and we loved it immediately! The food was so delicious especially the grilled oysters which were prepared right in front of our eyes at the counter.

All of our senses were stimulated by the tastes, the smell, the look, the feel especially when we tasted creamy garlic scallop pasta with pancetta and cioppino!

The service was exceptionally friendly and you can tell that the owner obviously takes pride in every part of creating the restaurant and menu.

This is a great addition to our neighborhood, check them out!

Rustic House Oyster Bar & Grill | San Carlos, CA Seafood Restaurant

Rustic House Oyster Bar & Grill is not just another restaurant. It’s the only restaurant that offers the best and freshest quality seafood in a comfort...

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