Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hidden Gem in the Bay Area-Stanford Cactus Garden

What an exciting discovery!! 

We were walking around the Stanford campus area and all of sudden we saw this amazing cactus garden appeared at the most unexpected place!

We felt like we were in the dessert of Arizona! The garden is serene, peaceful and filled with all types of cactus and succulent.

It sure is a great place to visit either rain or shine!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sipping Tea and Playing with Kitties

KitTea, a unique tea lounge in San Francisco is welcoming all the cat enthusiasts to join them for an eye opening experience at their adorable tea lounge!

We were there on a beautiful weekend morning in the city. KitTea is uniquely decorated and when you walk in, you are greeted by their kitty cat display of merchandise. They had all kinds of fun stuff including kitty cat socks, kitty cat books and even kitty cat egg shaper!

We were escorted to the "kitty cat" section and before we were able to enter, we had to sanitize our hands and take off our shoes (which was a great gesture to ensure the kitties stay in a clean environment).

There were about 12-15 kitties running around. We got to play with them, pet them and/or just observe how friendly and curious all of them are. They also had some great selection of tea, scones and sandwiches.

This is truly a unique experience and the best part is they are all up for adoption!!

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