Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy 2014!

We started the new year by attending “New Year’s Day 2014 Food Truck Picnic & Bottomless Mimosa Brunch” sponsored by SOMA Street Food Park. There were gourmet food trucks everywhere, and we got to try almost everything while sipping bottomless mimosa.

The great thing about SOMA Street Food Park is that it opens 7 days a week and different vendors are featured on a particular day so it’s always a surprise when you go there.

After we stuffed ourselves, we explored the city on foot. The city was very quiet on the first and it was quite an experience. We felt that we owned the city.

We stopped by the W Hotel for best cucumber martini and we found the origination of video game “Pac Man” at the W Hotel lobby. We played for hours.

We then walked around Market Street and came across “Pause”….if you never try “Pause”, it’s a must. Quite an auditory experiment.

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