Monday, December 19, 2016

Experience Exquisite Dining in Downtown San Mateo

Viogner in Downtown San Mateo is one of our favorites when we are in the mood for fine dining with wine pairing and awesome service!

The restaurant is located in the famed Draegers market and is a super open, spacious dining room that overlooks fourth street, cooking classes, and the market. There is an inviting fireplace which is coveted by many dinners.

There were 2 options on the menu: 3 course tasting vs the full tasting is about 7 courses: the plates were carefully assembled, incredibly flavorful and well balanced with eye catching presentation.

We started with amuse bouche and oh boy, we can eat 10 of that. So incredibly fresh and delicious.

The rest of the dining experience was filled with anticipation, excitement and satisfaction. Each wine were paired perfectly with the meal, a truly complement to each other.

We highly recommend give this restaurant a try as you will not disappoint!

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