Sunday, April 23, 2017

Food Truck Time!!!

Join Off the Grid at Fort Mason Center every Friday rain or shine for great street food, drinks and live music. 5pm-10pm from 3/3/17 through 10/20/17.

"Off the Grid" Friday Night Food Truck Party: 2017 Season Kick Off | Fort Mason

Nearly 30 food vendors in a huge circle with a full bar and bands in the middle? Now that's a party; it's also California's largest weekly street food market.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Cave Like Dining Experience in Redwood City

When we walked in Mandaloun, we felt like we entered an exotic European cave where our experience will be unforgettable.

It’s at a great location where we completely enjoyed delicious aromatic foods with flavors that are rich and bold, yet light and distinct. We felt like we were experiencing France, Italy, Greece and many other food loving regions of the Southern Mediterranean Coast all at the same time. 

The best part was the service was excellent and the staff were attentive. We even got to meet the owner who is exceptionally passionate about what the restaurant has to offer.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dancing...Not with the Stars

So we decided to take up some dancing lessons, specifically hip hop...we were hoping with the new moves learned, we can show off at clubs.

We signed up at CY Dance Studio in Belmont and the place was large, bright and nice speaker where sound projects well. CY Dance Works Studio | LIfe is a Dance, from one stage to the next... These dancers make it look so's requires dedication, practice, memorization and repetition. Although we can't be on Dancing with the Stars yet, but we are hopeful one day we will make it!!!

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