Saturday, August 31, 2013

Where to go?

There are a lot of activities happening this weekend since it’s Labor weekend and it’s going to be challenging to decide where to go!

San Mateo and Santa Clara County:
King Mountain Art Fair:

This is located in beautiful Woodside and they will feature some beautiful art pieces featured by some of our favorite artists!
For example, here is a piece by Marc Demian: this piece will look great above a fireplace!!

There is also Millbrae Art & Wine Festival: where classically car show and microbrew tasting tent will be the highlight of the fun as well!!

Marine County:
Sausalito Art Festival:

We were just there couple weeks ago and it was BEAUTIFUL! We elected to take the Ferry and go across the Bay, which is a great way to get there. Once got off in Sausalito, there were tons of shops, and restaurants.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Noe Valley, San Francisco

One of San Francisco’s many neighborhoods, Noe Valley contains many examples of the "classic" Victorian and Edwardian residential architecture for which San Francisco is famous for.

It is also a neighborhood of paradoxes: one will find both liberals and conservatives, the working class, millionaires, and Hollywood film crews ("Sister Act," "Nash Bridges").
We’ve heard about the storefront vandalism stand which conflicts with Noe's clean-cut image and the fact that it's full of upscale restaurants, and chic boutiques.

On August 22, we will have an opportunity to peruse this unique place while sampling wines, finger foods and other special treats by attending Noe Valley Wine Walk!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Let’s go to Redwood City, Ca!

Redwood City is becoming an entertainment destination! Together with historic Courthouse, plaza, theater, music, dance, cultural arts, and a lot more make Redwood City a great place to visit, live and invest. Especially downtown Redwood City where a lot of renovation had taken place in the past several years.

In addition, An eight-story, 196-unit apartment building is coming to a large parcel in downtown Redwood City. It is going to be a perfect fit those that seek a city’s “vibrant urban core.” 

 According to慶助創報五週年老中地方新聞舉辦園遊會/, This weekend, Redwood City will be hosting cultural diversity by celebrating the first annual summer Cultural Festival! There will be gifts, antique furniture, Chinese customs, ping pong game, and much more!

Also, Hidden Dragon Kiosk by Crouching Tiger Restaurant in Redwood City will offer traditional Taiwanese night market delicacy. Food such as minced pork over rice (one of my absolutely favorite),  hand made Taiwanese sausages, and pearl milk tea. There is also going to be entertainment such as folk dance, noodle pulling demonstration, opera mask changing, traditional art of storytelling, and Chinese orchestra music. 

It’s going to be one fun weekend!

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