Friday, November 30, 2018

Kitchen Remodel

As Real Estate agents, we have seen many many houses. And of course we all know that kitchen is the heart of the house.

Have you ever notice when you go to someone's house party, you tend to congregate in the kitchen? With that said, we are in the process of remodeling our kitchen. Part of kitchen remodeling is picking out what appliances we like to surrounds ourselves in the many years go come…there are so many options on the market.

We looked at so many different appliances and we finally narrowed our choices between Thermador and Wolf/Sub Zero.   We were informed by our awesome sales associate Steve from Davies Appliances that Riggs in Burlingame who is the Distributer for Wolf/Sub Zero. And they host these awesome 5 course meal dinners on a regular bases for potential clients.

We are foodie wanna be and we just had to sign up for this awesome event!

We were greeted by some of the best servers who offered us a variety of drinks and Horderves.

Then they served these awesome crab appetizers…..incredibly delicious!

At the same time, they have an expert and full of the knowledge about their products and we get to learn about these awesome kitchen gadgets.

 Then the chef showed us what a Wolf Range to can do!

We got to have qual, lamb, desserts….what an unforgettable night.

We are sold on a Sub Zero/Wolf/Cove kitchen and keep checking our blog for the finished kitchen post!

Homepage - Riggs Distributing + Showroom

Headquartered in Burlingame, California, our warehouse, offices and showroom together equate one facility as multifaceted as the team behind the scenes. Our long-standing relationships are testament to the value we place on taking care of our loyal customers: Consumers and trade partners alike.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Fleet Week, San Francisco

We are so blessed to be living in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s truly a beautiful place to live. Not to mention one thing that we so look forward to-San Francisco Fleet Week!!

We treated ourselves to the VIP Flight Deck Club so we have access to all the food and drinks and upscale bathroom!! (They actually look like airline bathroom which is super cool so we can “flush”).

We were mesmerized by all the different stunts, shows, food, drinks, people. Most of all, we were mesmerized by San Francisco.

Amazing parachuter!

Somebody’s hair is going wild! 

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Paddle Boarding in Foster City

Gotta love Foster City!!! With the City's lagoon system and miles of waterways covering a surface area of more than 200 acres, we have numerous recreational opportunities. Although powerboats are prohibited at all times on the lagoon, other options are sailing on the beautiful blue lagoon throughout the City is one of the most popular leisure sport activities.

We took advantage on one warm day to enjoy the beautiful water. We went to California Windsurfing and this place is awesome! We can rent various equipment for a very reasonable price. It is such a great to unwind and destress. We highly recommend it!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

A Piece of Italy, Downtown San Mateo

If this is what fresh and authentic Italian fare made from scratch taste like, then we truly have found the place!

When you walk into to Pausa, your stress level completely decreases, and your pleasure spot in your brain completely takes over. The décor is designed such that the guests can take a break from their daily pace of life, and enjoy a dining experience that transports them to a place of leisure.

Every dish we ordered were scrumptiously delicious. The chef had awaken our dormant taste buds and showed us how wonderfully food can taste. We particularly enjoyed learning from our knowledgeable bartender who made some killer expresso martini.

We learned that each dish from Pausa is handmade, so there are no two identical dishes if you want to be matchy match. Also they put the name of the restaurant in the back of every dish. How cool is that?


Heirloom tomato arancini, house made mozzarella, buffalo ricotta fonduta-the best arancini we’ve ever tasted.

Spinach tagliatelle wiht pancetta, hazelnut & sage pesto, semi-dried cherry tomatoes, pecorino romano-perfectly al dente!

Alaskan halibut, corn mash, naked barley, scallions, pickled cherry tomatoes, basil pesto-this is purely heaven!!

Pausa Bar & Cookery

PAUSA offers fresh and authentic Italian fare made from scratch with the bounty of Northern California

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Wolf, Oakland

We were walking on the Piedmont street in Oakland and come across The Wolf. First we didn’t know what to expect but as we walked up toward the restaurant, it was such a pleasant surprise!

There is a very interesting story behind this particular restaurant. Per The Wolf website, the owners had their first date at the restaurant which was called “Baywolf” 20+ years ago. Now they are able to take over this amazing space and serve incredible delicious food.

The décor at The Wolf is upscale but not pretentious.

The food is a modern interpretation of classic gourmet.

The dessert is thoughtful and creative.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Wine Project, San Carlos

It was a nice sunny day in San Carlos and we decided to stop by the Wine Project.

Wine Project pride themselves on an effort to make the whole wine experience accessible and enjoyable to everyone. This place is casual, comfortable and laid-back. And they offer fantastic wines and beers, paired with a robust menu with sophisticated comfort food. It's a great place for a weekend brunch!

The Wine Project - Wine Bar | Comfort Food | Small Plates Restaurant

The Wine Project is a casual wine bar and comfort food restaurant in San Carlos. Check out our menu of shareable small plates, and learn about upcoming events.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Best Place on Earth! The Great Highway

We were absolutely stunned when we stumbled into this place.

This place is nothing short of Amazing and they specialize in corporate and private events it will blow anyone away!

The Great Highway has the most unique "Classic Car" venue in the San Francisco Bay Area. When we walked into this venue, it took us back to where ponytails and ducktails were the hottest trends, when ankle socks and poodle skirts were stylin' and to the days everyone remembers and miss most, the 1950's & 1960's.  

We were absolutely impressed with all the beautiful, totally restored classic cars, "Roz's Authentic Diner," a huge variety of memorabilia, jukeboxes, casino gaming, pinball machines, neon signs, vintage gas pumps, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop and so much more!

 This definitely will be a place for us to host any private events in the upcoming future!


WELCOME TO THE GREAT HIGHWAY Introducing the newest, most unique "Classic Car" venue in the San Francisco Bay Area. We welcome you to The Great Highway - Home of Gary Pollack Classic Cars.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Three, Downtown San Mateo

If you don’t look hard enough, you may miss this awesome place!

Three Restaurant is always busy, ALWAYS!!! We were fortunate enough to get a table at the bar.

The food was fresh with locally sourced ingredients. The location has a lot of history…it was part of the Benjamin Franklin Hotel which has seen its share of history. The menu is a broad flavor profile that embraces the ethnic diversity of the Bay Area with the idea that options are what people get excited about.

Three Restaurant & Bar | Champagne Brunch, Corporate Catering & Craft Beer San Mateo, CA

Three Restaurant & Bar in San Mateo, CA offers everything from breakfast food to craft beer to corporate catering and more. Stop by today!

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