Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's time to go shopping!

Loving San Francisco Bay Area can be contagious…so contagious that our clients decided to purchase properties in the gorgeous Peninsula Area. After days of viewing homes and hours of negotiation, we decided that we needed some time to go SHOPPING! Yes, shopping. One of the best places to go especially if you want value for the quality are the premium outlets.

We took our clients to Vacaville Outlet and oh boy, talk about shopping heaven!!!!

One can truly furnish a new home at the Outlet, stores such as Restoration Hardware, Kitchen Collection and Le Creuset. Of course one should also spoil her or himself by visiting Gucci, Burberry, Coach and many more. Many of these stores offer 40% + discounts. We got lucky on the day that we visited, because there were additional 50% discounts. WOW!!!

We are happy that our clients had a fruitful shopping journey (both in real estate and in a lot other of items!)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Garlic, garlic, garlic!!!!!

We cannot express how excited we are about the Garlic Festival that is coming up in Gilroy (July 26, 27, 28).

Imagine, everything that you can possible eat in GARLIC!!! Garlic bread, garlic fries, and even garlic ice cream!!!!! Gilroy is KNOWN for its garlic crop and of course the annual Garlic Festival. 

We are planning to incorporate “shopping” into our day trip by stopping at the Gilroy Outlet and check out some BCBG, Michael Kors and much more!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Head to Burlingame, Ca

Burlingame is one of our favorite places to go. Not only they have some really nice restaurant, also it’s filled with boutiques, art galleries and etc. We learned that the city is names after Anson Burlingame who was an attorney and a diplomat, and the city was settled by wealthy San Franciscans looking for a better climate.

Yes, Burlingame does have GREAT climate. This weekend, it is anticipated to be in the high 70s, perfect for shopping at the farmer’s market (which is this Sunday, starts at 9am), then grab lunch at Straits and head to Music in the Park afterwards

For dinner, Stella Alpine Osteria will be an awesome place to try (we call it a hidden treasure…we’ve not been there yet, but dying to try it!).

Sunday, July 14, 2013

America's Cup

America's Cup is absolute amazing!!! It's truly a must go if you've not not experienced it already.


There are some some awesome restaurant close by as well. We went to One Market Restaurant and it was sooo yummy!!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

So, what is coming up this weekend?

LOTS of things and we don't know which one we should go to!!!

Not only there is great music, there is also great wine.

There are also some really awesome restaurants nearby. We find Ad Hoc to be super memorable. We went there with our clients and truly enjoyed every bit.

In San Francisco, of course there is the America’s Cup Races which will continue throughout the whole month of July.

Monday, July 8, 2013

For people who have a true passion for food and wine, SF Chef is a must go!!! It's coming up starting July 28th to August 4th. 

Getting the weekend pass is great, just make sure lodging is near by so you can just go eat, go back to the hotel for a nap, then back to the tent to eat.

I know we can’t wait!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Launching our new blog!

Launching our new blog!

Bay Area is a great place to live! We love to explore various events that are happening and share with our readers who have the same passion for living here.

We were at the San Mateo County Fair and had a BLAST!

Not only did the event had some great musicians, we also have great good, drinks and I got to pet the piggies (got true love for the piggies).

There is a Los Altos Wine Festival coming up the week of 7/8/13.

Maybe we will see some of you out there!

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