Thursday, August 27, 2015

Culinary and Cocktail Feast with Asian Influence

“San Francisco is not only home to one of the country's largest Asian American populations, it also leads in terms of the country's food and cocktail culture”.

We had the pleasure attending LUCKYRICE Feast which was held at the historic Bently Reserve. The event spotlighted some of San Francisco’s finest Asian culinary and cocktail talents!

There was an impressive pig head display

The venue was packed with people who needed to satiate their fine palate

Some of the best pork belly porridge

Sampling Asahi “Reserve”

Freshly prepared pad thai

There is also a Blue Light VIP room!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Palo Alto Art and Wine Festival

According to the words on the street, it's one of the best art and wine festivals in the Bay Area and it's happening this weekend!!

Palo Alto Festival of the Arts-list of food vendors-Palo Alto

What makes it the best? 
  • The stage is located in the center of the festival.  
  • There is a beer garden, wine and beer glasses with tickets and champagne/mimosa glasses as well. 
  • Best kettle corn 
  • Exquisite street art 
  • What life is like when price tag is not a consideration
  • Best wine and food

Gotta check it out!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Exotic Uni Experience

Have you ever had the freshest Uni ever??? Yes, you heard me, freshest uni!

If you've ever enjoyed the fine diversity of Japanese cuisine, and are a serious sushi connoisseur, you have probably experienced the singular love of uni-a type of sushi made from the gonads of a sea urchinIt is an acquired taste and when you eat live uni, it brings the experience to another level!

Apparently, Uni has a "euphoria-causing chemical" ingredient similar to what you find in cannabis! Yes, pot, marijuana, etc. (Interesting!!!)

At Tomokatsu in Burlingame, you get to experience the freshest live uni you can find.

In addition, Tomokatsu has other great food that you don’t normally see at other Japanese restaurant…such as crab porridge, which is one of our favorites as well.

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