Monday, January 28, 2019

Rustic Fine Dining

We stopped by Farm House on a Saturday and we loved our time there!

Farm House is a small and casual restaurant located in Belmont close to residential homes. It feels like we’ve been invited to dine at someone’s house! They have a dog-friendly patio so it’s prefect for a sunny afternoon.

Their New American menu is inspirational and diverse. We had an opportunity to speak with the chef and we felt his passion for the unique menu he and his team had created. Their menu changes seasonally so one can experience a variety of food with the freshest ingredients. We also enjoyed a diverse selection of beer and wine to pair with our dishes.

For starters, we ordered Celery Root Penna Cota Ensalata. It was surprising to experience white bean pate which was extremely delicious!

For lunch we ordered Duck Confit sandwich. It had the perfect balance of pear chevre spread with almonds. As for Tuna Salad sandwich, there were a generous portion of chunks of ahi tuna confit on a fresh toasted lobster roll.

Farm House Restaurant

Farm House is a small and casual restaurant located in Belmont, California with a dog-friendly patio. Our New American menu pulls inspiration from our diverse backgrounds and culinary training, which gives us the flexibility to have unique menu selections with a bold collaboration of flavors.

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