Friday, May 8, 2015

Floating Museum- SS Jeremiah O'Brien Ship

This beautiful ship is one of two remaining fully functional Liberty ships of the 2,710 built and launched during World War II, according to Moored at Pier 45, Fisherman's Wharf and she is a premier San Francisco attraction!

Stepping back to the past happened immediately as we walked up to the entrance of the ship. It was surreal especially when we were touring the living quarters and try to imagine the life style on this historic ship.

The self-guided tour is truly a fantastic way to learn about WWII history. There are staff on the ship who are extremely knowledgeable. They really do take pride in this ship and answered all of our questions. It takes you back to history, and it was one incredible experience.

The ship opens daily from 9am to 4pm and  it’s right by Peir 45, Fisherman’s Wharf. Can’t miss this opportunity to be part of the historic experience!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Restaurant Hopping on Castro Street, Mountain view

One of our favorite places to go since there are tons of stores, restaurants, shopping and more!

We started out by stopping at Cascal, it’s a Spanish Tapas
They have festive ambiance and just a fun place to hang out. Great tapas and memorable paella!

Then we went to Xanh Restaurant and it’s whole different experience than Cascal.  They have great happy hour menu and super cool ambiance. It’s a modern Vietnamese restaurant and some of our favorites are “SPARKLY DIAMOND” which is sparkling Prosecco with exotic lychee and Vietnamese Tacos.

To end this “not following our diet day”, we stopped at New Mongolian BBQ….it’s a hole in the hall all you can eat place. We love experimenting with mix and match when it comes to create our own food.

Now we need to go back to the gym tomorrow….

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Weirdest Show on Earth-San Francisco

This should be totally fun and it’s worth cancelling all your other plans so you can attend this one!

It’s call “How Weird Street Faire” and they are having their 16th annual event for 1 day only on April 26th in Downtown San Francisco.
  • People will be dressed up in weird customs
  • There will be vendors selling many weird things that you’ve never seen in your life!
  • Weird food will be sold which will taste fanatically delicious!
  • There will be individuals will perform weird stunts

Truly, can’t miss it!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cherry Blossom Festival

If you missed the Festival (which occurred on April 11 and 12), you are in luck! Another one is happening on April 18 and 19th!

Do be prepared!
  • There will be lots of food and beverage stalls: including teriyaki-flavored hamburgers, octopus balls, red bean pancakes, shaved ice, and Sapporo beer
  • There will be food trucks: such as Chobani, Pocky sticks, giving away samples.
  • There will be hello kitty food truck café with long lines
  • There will be live music and entertainment
  • There will be local vendors selling all kinds of goodies!
  • There will be lots of people-shoulder-to-shoulder crowded  
Can’t miss the fun!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Omakase Experience at Morimoto

This experience in Napa is just as comparable to the ones in Japan!

It’s an eight course omakase, and every dish comes with sake tasting which complement each exquisite bite!

Toro Tartare with wasabi, nori paste and sour cream
So fun to eat and each bite is different based on what we put on it. We especially love the rice crackers!

Kanpachi Carpaccio with hot oil, garlic, chives and ginger.
Each bite tasted like light whipped butter!

Bagna Cauda with garlic, anchovy, and vegetables.
A super fun dish to eat. Reminds us of fundo and the anchovy dip is so delicate!

Clam Choder with clams, rice, ikura, and congee craker.
Ikura was definitely the star and the surprising element in this dish

Cucumber Mochi for palate cleanser. We can eat another 10 more of these!!

Chef’s choice of Sushi
Super fresh and tender.

Gulf Red Snapper with pei mussel, fiddlehead ferns, seared banana, ice plant, bell pepper relish and thai curry.
So moist and each bite just explode on our palate!

Surf and Turf and Turf with pork belly, flat iron wagyu and scallops
Need we say more?

Coconut Lime Gnach with mango sorbet and pop rocks
A beautiful dessert that truly brings the whole Omakase experience to the next level.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Japanese Sweets Wagashi

Wagashi has to be one of the most delicious edibles in this world. It’s full of natural goodness.

And we were so happy we found Minamoto Kitchoan in San Francisco.

It’s a Japanese Dessert Boutique filled with the most beautiful and mouthwatering bites, such as mochi.

The store is thoughtfully decorated - simple and effortless.  It’s truly a MUST visit when you are in San Francisco!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Indoor Cycling at Hillsdale Mall

Can you imagine doing spinning at the mall? Well, that was one fun experience!!

We were at Lorna Jane Hillsdale for an indoor cycling class. Although we had to wake up early on a Sunday, but it was totally worth it!!

Everyone should give it a try!