Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Back to the Future

Sparky’s Hot Rod Garage took us back to the days when dances were sock hops, driving was cruising, and our transistor radio only played rock n’ roll!

We were there for an event and we were beyond pleasantly surprised about this one of a kind venue!

This place is truly the most unique and exciting place we’ve ever been to!  When we entered this place, our jaws immediately dropped! We couldn’t believe the thought that was put into when building and decorating this amazing venue.

There were tons of collectibles ranging from Marilyn Monroe to game ball machines.

Elvis was in the house!

The best part is there was an ice cream cart and you can just grab ice cream of your choice and EAT it!

Monday, May 23, 2016

4 Stars Rating After Over 2000 Reviews? It Better be Good!

And it was!!! Boulevard in San Francisco was truly a memorable dining experience.

According to MICHELIN guide inspectors,
“Housed in one of the city's most historic buildings, this Belle Époque stunner is still breathtaking after more than 20 years, with glamorous mosaic floors, colorful glass, and polished bronze at every turn. The Embarcadero-adjacent location offers lovely views of the Bay Bridge and the water, and business lunchers as well as evening romance-seekers adore its transporting vibe. Chef/owner Nancy Oakes is known as a pioneer of Californian cooking, with comforting takes on standards like Dungeness crab with avocado and ruby-red grapefruit, burrata served with a side of shaved kale, and flaky halibut over a mashed potato cake. Sweets are notable: try the pear- and apple-studded winter symphony crisp or creamy butterscotch pudding with pecan granola for a bit of bliss”.

We were there for our dear friend’s birthday and oh boy, aren’t we glad she selected such an awesome place to celebrate her special day!

When we entered the restaurant, we immediately greeted with an upscale vintage decor with romantic lighting. We felt like movie stars from the 1960s walking into the lobby of some luxurious hotel. We were seated at a comfortable table right next to the window where we have a view of the Bay Bridge, which looked absolutely stunning that night.

Our server was professional, knowledgeable and approachable. We all indulged in appetizers, entrée, desserts and wine. They were all super luxurious. It’s truly a must visit in the city!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Capellini is Back!

We were extremely upset when the Ristorante Capellini in downtown San Mateo was closed…however, we are now elated that new life has been breathed into the long-standing ornate site of the same location!

“Capellini is housed in a Spanish Colonial Revival building built in 1930. The tri-level restaurant was designed by Pat Kuleto. The main dining space is balanced by the free standing bar and open kitchen. Fresh bread and pasta are made daily by hand from scratch. Wines from Italy, California and other parts of the world are chosen to showcase flavors to their fullest enjoyment.

Capellini brings warmth and atmosphere to the heart of downtown of San Mateo, ensure that each guest gets a taste of the full range of flavors found in the Italian regions”.

One of the reasons we love this place is because this is the restaurant were we met more than a decade ago!

We decided to sit at the bar and the bar tenders were super awesome! (Nicholas and Patrick!).

We also thoroughly enjoyed our steak and pasta.

Thank you for coming back to our lives Capellini!!!