Saturday, December 6, 2014

Downtown Sunnyvale

We were showing clients homes in Sunnyvale and decided to stop by downtown Sunnyvale for lunch.

It was a beautiful day and we are happy to see that there are farmers market happening at the same time!

Downtown Sunnyvale has gone through some development and we recall when S. Murphy Avenue was blocked off for construction.

We had lunch at DishDash: here is our Yelp review

There are several other places we love to try and we will be back here soon!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The 14 Bay Area Ramen Shops Worth Your Time

Ahhhhh, “RAMEN”….the most sumptuous word in our dictionary. Living in the Bay Area allow us to access some of the best ramen we will find!

There are ramen noodle shops everywhere and here is a list of the 14 favorite spots.

One of our goals for 2015 is to try ALL of them….and we are making good progress so far and reaching our goal!

Make sure you slurp! And that is ok!!!

And what makes a good ramen? According to, the following are the key to a amazing ramen!!!

Ramen makers aim for an intense, deeply flavored broth. Chef Tatsu considers it the “body and soul” of the dish, and his broth takes almost three full days to perfect. For his tonkotsu-style broth, he starts with two surprising ingredients: pig feet and pork bones. After soaking them in water for two days to draw out impurities, they are blanched in boiling water, then simmered for at least 30 hours. This draws out flavorful marrow from the bones, and releases collagen and fat from the feet. Sounds odd, but this process is the key to a milky and rich broth.

Perfect broth deserves nothing but the best noodles. While some ramen shops make them fresh in-house, many choose to partner with a master noodle maker (yes, they exist!) and have them delivered daily. Since ramen is all about balancing different textures and flavors, Chef Tatsu chooses the type of noodle for each ramen dish very carefully. His thick tonkotsu broth calls for the thinnest of noodles, while his lighter broths are paired with thicker noodles. No matter the choice, they are slightly undercooked to account for the additional softening that occurs once they are added to the broth.

Equally as important as the broth and noodles, the toppings in ramen can make or break the experience. The possibilities are endless, but some common additions include chashu pork (succulent pieces of braised pork belly), soft-boiled eggs (cooked in the pork’s braising liquid), assorted vegetables and extra pork fat for good measure. Chef Tatsu even offers customers a garlic press and fresh garlic cloves so you can adjust how pungent your ramen is right from your seat. For additional color and flavor, many restaurants finish off the ramen with a sprinkling of saffron, scallions and/or sesame seeds.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Night of Lights, Half Moon Bay

Night of Lights is a free annual holiday event hosted in downtown Half Moon Bay on the first Friday in December, and it’s happening on Friday, December 5th, from 6-9pm.

Downtown Half Moon Bay is going to be decorated in dazzling lights and many stores will stay open late. It’s a great time to do some holiday shopping in the unique coastal shops.

The event generally features a tree lighting ceremony in Mac Dutra Park, a Parade of Lights down Main Street, carolers and musical entertainment, roasted chestnuts and activities for the kids.

We plan to have dinner at one of the awesome restaurants on Main Street then head to the parade.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

TasteVin Wine Bar & Bistro, San Carlos

What an adorable venue for an intimate get together with friends!

We each ordered our own flights:
I had the “Bubbly”

And Michael had the “Decadent White”.

We also ordered “Crisp White Wine Cheese Plate” to complement our flights.

The wines are presented beautifully and the cheeses tasted exceptionally fresh and delicious. The services was courteous and exceptional.

We are planning to try everything on the menu!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

San Mateo Harvest Festival

This weekend, November 14-16 is the Harvest Festival in San Mateo Events Center.

It’s one of the largest indoor arts and crafts shows on the West Coast, and we are planning to fulfill our holiday shopping list!

In addition, there will be live stage entertainment and Chef Ray L. Due will be there as well to demonstrate his amazing skills of fruits/vegetable sculpting.

These are melons that he carved!! 

Don’t miss it!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bordeaux: The Art of Blending Wines

Ahhhhh, Bordeaux, heavenly juice!!!! We signed up at the College of San Mateo Community Education class and got to learn all about Bordeaux!

We wanted to learn and explore the complexity of the wines produced from the Left Bank of the Gironde River to the harmonious wines of the Right Bank.

Getting ready to taste some great wines and learning about different types of corks

Seriously taking notes and the best part, pouring!!!


We can now call ourselves savvy connoisseurs of Bordeaux wines!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fun Cooking School

We signed up at Draeger’s School in San Mateo and it was such a blast!!

Not only did we learned to cook, we also got to meet some other students in the class who are super cool.

The class we took was called “Appetizer Party”. Students were divided into groups and everyone got to have hands one experience. We got to enjoy our creation through out the class.

Getting ready and checking out the recipes

We learned to make:
Buffalo-Spiced Shrimp Kebab with Brandied Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce
Monte Cristo Finders with Spicy Apricot Dipping Sauce

Crispy Camembert with Roasted Grapes and Fresh Rosemary
Smoked Salmon and Parmesan Cream Croustades

Spanish Tortilla Bites with Manchego and Chorizo

And Creamy Cannoli Cups

We also got to bring home a complete receipt for all the dishes.

Now we are ready to host our own appetizer party!!