Saturday, February 21, 2015

Best Steak and Seafood!

We were craving for some really delicious seafood and steak so we decided to stop by “The Sea by Alexander’s Steakhouse” in Palo Alto.

We've been there several times and always enjoyed various items on the menu, however, our most recent visit was quit extraordinary!

We were there with our clients who have become our dear friends since we share the same passion when it comes to food and wine.

We all decided to try the selective tasting menu and our taste buds were thanking us all night!

Amuse-Bouche, compliments of the talented chef

We stared with Sea Urchin with tomato, chive and champagne

And the tasting menu consists of:
Hamachi Sashimi Kagoshima with avocado, wasabi, koshihikari rice

Mero with bell pepper miso, lobster, trumpet mushroom and topped off with bonito

Tajima F1 Beef with morel mushroom, endive and onion.

Dessert was yuzu mousse, avocado with pistachio, crème fraiche.

Every bite was exquisite and every bite was memorable. It’s a great way to end a hectic week!

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