Saturday, December 27, 2014

Belden Place, San Francisco

An unassuming street of San Francisco which can be easily overlooked by pedestrians. Belden Place is one of these streets where once you discover, you will want to come back for more!

At first, it may look a bit sketchy, but once we turned the corner to the actual alley way, we were blown out of our mind! The alley is colorful and bursting with various eateries and all of them have outdoor seating.

It’s one of our favorite streets to visit and here is a list of the restaurants:
·        Sauce- Candied bacon Brussel sprouts…super!!
·        Brindisi- Best ravioli ever!!
·        Taverna- Juicy and tender Kurobota pork chop!!
·        B44- Mouth watering Paella!!
·        Café Tiramisu- Tiramisu, of course, nice and moist!!
·        Plouf- Oyster and mussels heaven!!
·        Sam’s Grill- Old school with a flare!
·        Café Bastille- Blue cheese burger…oh man!!

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